Discover The Cyber Threat Intelligence

Augurio Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform®

Augurio Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform allows the development of a clear understanding on the current state of the organization in relation to cyber adversaries in your environment, showing intelligence of the threats that the country suffers vertically to be able to give context to operations and campaigns horizontally between various organizations of the same kind and to be able to develop joint collaborative actions, a fundamental requirement to effectively combat advanced and specialized adversaries with similar motivations.

Augurio Threat Intelligence Subtypes

Cyber Intelligence Strategies

  • Indicator classification quadrant.
  • Normative related for non-complianc.
  • Costs associated with the business impac.
  • Laws, regulations, and bylaws associated with the risks.
  • Heat maps.
  • Metrics and visualizations.

Cyber Intelligence Tactics

  • Techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs).
  • Tree maps with threat indicators.
  • Phase alignment with Kill Chain and ATT&CK.
  • Indicator timestamps.
  • Threat technical findings.
  • Geolocation.

Cyber Inteliligence Techniques

  • Indicator of compromise (IOC).
  • Threat intelligence feeds.
  • CVEs, CPEs, CWEs, CAPECs, and Microsoft bulletins and other references.
  • Interaction, automatization, and orchestration by APIs.
  • +270 open sources.
  • +15,000,000 of valid indicators regarding the indicator life cycle.