Cyber Threat Hunting Service

Find Hidden Threats that Evade Preventive Security Controls

Get a diverse cyber threat hunting team and a streamlined CTI platform that combines network end-point, applications, and user behaviour threat analytics to uncover threats and attack campaigns that traditional security monitoring mechanisms miss.


Endpoint Threat Analytics

Using deep analytics, we continuously monitor your endpoints for compromises. Our machine learning algorithms triage every alert for suspicious activity, investigate its spread, and stop the attack. Our hunting experts then verify these outputs to remove false positives and query the data and systems further to detect attacks that may have bypassed other security controls.

Augurio User Behavior Analytics

We monitor user and contextual data to analyze user behavior anomalies, insider threat, and frauds. Our threat intel and classification models identify threat actors and anomalies, and maps them to the Cyber Kill Chain. Our threat hunters with propietary tools at disposal detect even the slightes “bread crumbs” of insider threat activity, and act immediately to inform and collaborate with your team for appropriate counter measures.

Augurio Network Threat Analytics

Our network threat hunting specialists analyze a variety of data to swift out suspicious activities in your network and applications, because intrusion prevention systems alone will not stop creative attackers. Multi-source analytics uses statistical algorithms to continuously discover new threats, and machine intelligence systems then triage, investigate, and respond to quickly stop attack campaigns.

Augurio Malware Analytics

Swift integration of vulnerability intelligence identifies high-risk applications and provides our threat hunters necessary data to mitigate attacks. Our MDR teams not only focus on potential targets like your high-value business systems and vulnerable entry points, but also tracks low footprint applications that are often attractive targets for exploitation. Our proprietary vulnerability triaging, and orchestration technology ensures your systems are protected from zero day exploits.

MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and Choose the Right Partner

Why Choose Augurio’s Cyber Security Monitoring Service?
Human experts, data science, and advanced technology platform for effective threat hunting

Advanced Threat Hunting Skills

Our diverse threat hunting team has the experience, threat intelligence, and the technology platform to detect and anticipate current threats. Our threat hunters are handpicked for their specialist skills and threat hunting passion.

Leading Edge Analytics Platform

Our Threat hunters use Augurio's proprietary security analytics platform to generate actionable outcomes. These include network threat analytics (NTA), user behavior analytics (UBA), endpoint threat analytics/endpoint detection and response (EDR) and application threat analytics (ATA)

Collaborative Approach

Our threat hunters have an organized approach to engage your MSSP or SOC. At the get-go, we collect required data and understand their specific concerns to create a custom threat profile. When threats or attacks are discovered, our experts brief your teams and guide them in investigation.

Internal Threat Detection

Attackers originating internally can be doubly difficult to detect. Our threat hunters ensure that you benefit from full insider threat detection using advenced user behavior analytics that detect even the subtlest indicators of compromise

Managed Detection and Response Service:
Get High Speed Cyber Defense with AI Driven MDR

Threat Anticipation Service is a part of our Managed Detection and Response Service  (MDR). With MDR, you not only get anticipatory threat intelligence, but you also get advanced threat protection services, via Threat Hunting, Rounf-the-Clock Security Monitoring, Alert, Response, Incident Response, and Breach Management.
Why stop with Threat Anticipation, when you can leverage a managed service that integrates your cyber threat intelligence, and provides advanced incident detection and response?

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