Incident Analysis Service

Get a swift analysis on which alerts are incidents

Get a forensic automation and a specialized analysis to investigate threats for attack chain, impact, and threat actors.


Get a quickly triaging with an automated incident analysis

Don’t chase alerts manually, get advanced machine algorithm scored, correlated and enriched threat data. Our scoring input includes external intelligence, asset value, vulnerabilities, propagation, and attacker behavior to help you respond to threats faster.
For increased accuracy, our incident analysts validate the machine data. So alerts are no longer managed by arbitrary rules, and your organization is no longer constrained by the limits of your security staff.

Augurio Get Wider Coverage and Deeper Analysis of Incidents

Determine if an incident has occurred and the likely levels of damage associated with it. All alerts are investigated for their likely impact, blast radius, and attacker attributes.
By maximizing breath of coverage before incident analysis and the depth of analysis after triaging. Augurio optimizes the effectiveness at each stage.

Augurio Receive the Full Attack Story before It Fully Unfolds

Get correlated threatdata at machine speed to determine which alerts are part of a threat, the behavior of the target, the source, and the tools.
See the impact on targeted assets, incluiding current asset activity, changes in the asset and the indicators of compromise, if you have compliance alerts that do not need triage we add contextual information to  help you make sense from alerts

MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and Choose the Right Partner

Why Choose Augurio’s Cyber Security Monitoring Service?
Receive Detailed Incident Mitigation Steps Swiftly

Precise, In-Depth Incident Analysis Reports

We produce a highly curated incident analysis report that describes the attack campaing, and goes beyond current isolated alert to provide detailed mitigation steps for your IT and cyber security teams to follow.

Centralized Data Collection and Analysis Tools

Augurio brings together all relevant threat data to facilitate and accelerate analysis. With an extensive range of Augurio’s reporting tools and analytics at your disposal, you can see tatus and progression immediately and at any time

Comprehensive Case Management

Bring in systematic case management to trace alerts from validation to investigation. See full investigation histories, access accompanyinh forensic data and result. Incident intelligence also shows you which ones happend most often and to which targets.

Extended Visibility for Existing Systems

Augurio's incident analysis service also extends visibility beyond basic indicators of compromise (IOCs) provided by existing solutions like endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR) systems. You get full coexistence, centralized management, and deeper insights into alerts and incidents

Get Compregensive Incident Analysis Now

Our incident Analysis offering is part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) service. With MDR, you not only get incident Analysis, but also Security Monitoring Threat Hunting, Incident Response, and Breach Management. Get end-to-end cybersecurity management from initial threat detection to threat containment, mitigation, and elimination, and accompanying advisory services for handling both technical and business aspects of your cybersecurity.