Breach Management Service

Accelerate Breach Containment, Mitigation, and Recovery

Security incidentes and compromises are inevitable. Yet their impacts can vary dramatically. Past breaches have shown that the longer it takes to detect and respond, the greater the damages are. Speed of defense is critical today. Augurio’s breach management service ensures your organizations does not fall behind.


Rapid response to contain and recover from data security breaches

As soon as there is an indication of security compromise, we immediately activate our breach response, which includes:

  • Speedy investigation to uncover the nature of the attack and the extent of the damage, timeline of infiltration, attacker identity, and attack chain.
  • Rapid containment of the attack through orchestration technologies to stop the spread, block the attacker, and roll out immediate mitigation measures.
  • Creation of a breach response action plan with playbooks for different sets of tasks.

Augurio Regular assessments to find breaches early

Advanced attacks are difficult to detect. Attackers use evasive tactics and techniques to stay hidden for extended periods of time before a catastrophic damage occurs. We help you to proactively detect threats that may be hidden in your envirenment.

  • We periodically run scans across your network to detect hidden attacks and attackers.
  • Rapid containment of the attack through orchestration technologies to stop the spread, block the attacker, and roll out immediate mitigation measures.
  • We use deep analytics on end points and network data to detect malicious and anomalous activities.
  • We check for indicators of compromise and attacker’s TTPs that we collect through out global intelligence.
  • System and data recovery to restore your business operations as quickly as possible.
  • Identification of root cause and planning of long term mitigation actions to prevent similar security breaches in the future.
  • Coordinate execution of playbooks in collaboration with different business units in your organization.

Augurio Building your capabilities for breach response

The best breach response is not firefighting, but building capabilities beforehand. We assess your preparedness and determine the areas that need improvement for managing on premise and cloud computing security breaches. Examples are:

  • Security monitoring and detection system coverage and rule sets.
  • Forensic¬†capabilties for evidence collection plans and the correspoding retention system.
  • Communication and notification plans for breaches.
  • Regulatory compliance that affects breach management.
  • Training and awareness of personnel for handling breaches.
MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and Choose the Right Partner

Why Choose Pladion's Incident Response Service?

Rapid, Coordinated Incident Response

Advanced tecnology platform

Advance Technology Platform

Manual breach management alone is too slow and cannot uncover the full extent of an attack. We deploy our industry leading breach management platform with powerfull artificial intelligence that facilitates collection of critical data, investigation containment, and automated playbooks for data breach management.

Constantly updated

Constantly update threat intelligence

We continuosly collect threat intelligence from across the globe to understand the nature and tactics of attacks. We minimize the time needed to recognize attack that are imminent, in progress or already executed, as well as the underlying attack methods and motivations.

No half measures

No half measures

We report the full extent of a breach. We give you relevant details on the affected assets, the vulnerabilities exploited, and the nature of the attack. Malware is captured and analyzed to determine its mode of operation and the degree of impact, helping prevent security breaches from happening again.

Cloud data

On-premise and cloud data breach management

Our breach management service helps your organization recover and improve its security resilience, whether on-premise or for cloud computing related security breaches.

Breach experts

Breach experts on call

Assistance and intervention by our cybersecurity experts at your service from our nearest SOC is immediate..

Managed Detection and Service

Our Incident Response service is part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR). With MDR, you not only get Incident Response, but also Security Monitoring, Threat Hunting, Alert Response, incident Validation. and Breach Management. Get full professional and cost-effective protection with MDR, bringing you end-to-end cybersecurity management from initial threat detection to threat containment, mitigation and elimination, with accompanying advisory services for handling both technical and business aspects of your cybersecurity.

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