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Get Real-Time Monitoring of Cyber Threats

Monitor for current cyber threats and protect your network, applications, and users round-the-clock. Get real time alerting, log management, and compliance ready reporting


Continuously Evolving Monitoring

Traditional security monitoring services and systems are built to meet compliance requirements and detect known attacks by using pre-defined rules. This approach from traditional security monitoring vendors cannot detect advanced, sophisticated attacks that are often hidden and bypass such rules. Augurio’s Cyber Security Monitoring services goes beyond compliance monitoring and offers capabilites to build and constantly fine-tune rules for detecting threats and non-compliances.

Augurio Big Data SIEM Platform

We can bring in the best SIEM technologies to collect event logs and security events 24/7. Our teams can also sharpen an existing SIEM solutions or systems you are using as part of this managed SIEM service.

  • Process you data on leading big data managed SIEM platforms.
  • Continuously update and apply rules to detect and define known attacks, and to evolve our SIEM solutions.
  • Our managed SIEM service provides actionable alerts so you can stay focused on the real threats.

Augurio Custom, Business Context Use case

Security monitoring use cases are built after avalutiong your organization’s context, capabilities. and unique business risk. Our experts leverage a powerhose of industry wise use cases and look at asset criticality, usage, connectivity, and user data to create custom use cases. As a result, you receive actionable alerts with lower false positives.

MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and Choose the Right Partner

Why Choose Augurio’s Cyber Security Monitoring Service?
Detect Your Known Attacks and Compliance Violations at Machine Speed

24/7 Security Monitoring

Our diverse threats hunting team has the experience threat intelligence and the technology platform to detect and anticipate current threats. Our threat hunters are handpicked for their specialist skills and threat hunting passion.

Extended Security Monitoring

Our threat hunters use Augurio's propietary security analytics platform to generate actionable outcomes. These include network security analytics (NSA), user behavior analytics (UBA), endpoint threat analytics/endpoint detection and response (EDR) and malware analytics (X)

Protect Popular Platforms

Our threat hunters have an organized approach to engage your MSSP or SOC. At the get-go, we collect required data and understand their specific concerns to create a custom threat profile. When threats or attacks are discovered, our experts brief your teams and guide them in investigation.

Monitor Beyond Compliance

Attackers originating internally can be doubly difficult to detect. Our threat hunters ensure that you benefit from full insider threat detection using advenced user behavior analytics that detect even the subtlest indicators of compromise

Managed Detection and Response Service:
Get High Speed Cyber Defense with AI Driven MDR

Threat Anticipation Service is a part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR). With MDR, you not only get anticipatory threat intelligence, but you also get advanced threat protection services, via: Threat Hunting, Round-the-Clock Security Monitoring, Alert Response, Incident Response, and Breach Management. Why stop with Threat Anticipation, when you can leverage a managed service that integrates your cyber threat intelligence, and provides advanced incident detection and response?

Augurio The Bottom Line

In the field of computer security, security information and event management (SIEM) software products and services combine security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). They provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

Augurio’s SIEM as a service brings the next generation of this combined defensive approach to your organization.
We bring more than SIEM MSSP services to your organization. We deploy full SIEM management -that goes beyond SIEM log management – in order to offer comprehensive protection that extends well beyond other SIEM providers and better embodies the mos recent Gartner SIEM recommendations.

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